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Although our passion has been hand carved signs and logs for many years, our cnc machine can make some very intricate and precise carvings and cuts. We use the same top quality woods as well as the same detailed finishing as with our hand carved signs.

We also have much more variety in the fonts we can use as well as being able to produce thousands of different designs and pictures.


We make custom carved signs with many different options. Small signs to hang inside the home, or very large signs for outside. There are so many different options that it's hard to list a price on this add... A basic board sign starts at around $65 and goes up from there. Give us your ideas and we will suggest some great looking ways to make your sign perfect for you!

Many of our carved signs are hand carved with only a router and a steady hand. But we also use a computerized CNC machine for some of our smaller (24" x 24" or less) signs. We have been carving by hand for so long that sometimes that it's hard to tell the difference on most of our signs.

You are not limited to just the designs shown here. If you have an idea, tell us about it and we will do our best to make it happen! With most of these signs we can do a computer proof to send you before we begin carving. We can also do thousands of different types of 3D and silhouette photos!

 The pricing below is a general guideline for the pricing of our CNC carved signs. Other dimensions, shaped signs, additional hand routering and other factors may be an additional charge.   

CNC Board Signs

8x18 10x18 12x18 14x18 8x24 10x24 12x24 14x24
Walnut 30 35 40 50 40 45 50 60
Oak 30 35 40 50 40 45 50 60
Red Cedar 45 50 55 65 55 60 65 75
Hedge 50 55 60 70 60 65 70 85

Photos of past CNC signs.


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