Care and maintenance of exterior carved logs and signs.
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    Care and maintenance of your exterior carved logs and signs.

At Possum Hollow Woodworks, we take great pride in our craft and endeavor to create beautiful works of art for our customers. Each and every one of our custom carved logs and signs is a unique, one of a kind piece. We use top quality woods, paints, stains and varnishes to create these works of art. The greatest satisfaction we get is when our customers are overjoyed with the special creations we make just for them.

But with all the care and craftsmanship we put into our carved logs and signs, Possum Hollow Woodworks cannot guarantee or warranty any of our products once they are placed outside in the elements. There are so many factors that can damage these carved logs and signs that we simply cannot provide a protection from all of them. Severe heat or freezing, excessive moisture, hail and other weather conditions can cause damage to these products. There is also the possibility of insect invasions such as termites or wood beetles or damage by animals, other persons or any number of other situations that may cause damage to your custom carved log or sign. So no warranty is given for the custom wood product you are ordering or picking up from us today.

However... we can give you some tips and tricks for maintaining your custom carved log or sign for many years to come! Treat your custom carved log or sign like any other wooden structure on the exterior of your home. Annual cleaning and/or maintenance is always required to keep them looking their very best. Here are a few specific tips for your carved logs or signs:

Mold: Although we do not recommend applying bleach to your carved log or sign unless it is absolutely necessary, this may be your only option in severe cases of mold buildup. First, we would recommend scrubbing the surface with hot water and a very soft brush. A dish soap such as Dawn might also be applied as a cleaning agent. Make sure to rinse all the surfaces well! As a last resort, try the same procedure described above and use a solution of cup of bleach to one gallon of hot water. Wear protective equipment and rinse well!

Pealing or chipped varnish: There are many things that can cause the varnish to start peeling or chipping: severe heat or cold, or rapidly changing temperatures, hail, animal urine, falling tree sap, or quite simply being left outside for a long period of time. Our carved logs and exterior signs are made to be displayed outside, so you're going to have to provide maintenance on this one for sure. But it's fairly simple... Using a block of wood and some 220 – 300 sand paper, lightly sand the top (flat) surface of your log or sign. Only lightly sand enough to take off any loose or chipping varnish... do not sand down to bare wood! A soft bristle brush may also be used if you need to get into the carved areas. Then simply apply one to two coats of a UV protectant exterior varnish and let dry three to four days before putting back out into the weather.

Insects: We are not pest experts at all and our recommendation for this kind of problem can be summed up in four words.... Call Steve's Pest Control! Steve's Pest Control is number one in our opinion for eliminating termites or almost any other insect or pest. We use them at Possum Hollow Woodworking and you should too!


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