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The majority of our board signs are carved in rough cut wood which has been grown and milled in Missouri. Our logs also come from local sawmills. It is very possible there will be knots, blemishes, missing bark and perhaps even a few cracks! For most people, this is what's desired... taking a rough piece of raw wood and creating a beautiful wall plaque or yard ornament.


Our Walnut logs are some of the most beautiful pieces that we carve. Because of the high price for walnut lumber, these are also some of the most expensive of our logs.

Large Walnut Logs = $365 + Lettering

6" recessed lettering = $10 per letter

6" raised lettering = $15 per letter

Adding 3.5" lettering (ie. "First Names") = $6 - $8 per letter

Photos of past logs.



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