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Carved logs and board signs may be our main source for producing sawdust, but we love making other projects as well. Enjoy the following photo gallery and details below. 

Cedar Chests, Trunks and Toy Boxes.

Trinket Boxes & Crematory Urns

Childs Growth Chart Ruler

Step Stools


One of Darren's favorite things to make, and so many options!

A custom made cedar chest is a family heirloom that should last for centuries. Its value, if built correctly can also be quite expensive. Each and every one of our custom made cedar chests is a one of a kind gem, built to the exact specifications of our customer.

Our toy boxes are built tough while also being built at a reasonable price. The unique part about our toy boxes is the custom carving we can do on them. Names, pictures or designs. You make it unique to your child.

Always very unique and customizable, these boxes can be made in so many shapes, sizes, types of wood, styles of trim, colors of stain... So many choices!

We have been making trinket / jewelry boxes for years. But lately we have been honored with some very unique requests. Crematory Urns. Although we were honored to custom make a few of them for humans, it has been the ones we make for pets that have been so enjoyable designing.

A very unique way of charting your children's height each year! These can be made of pine, oak, or cedar and can be purchased with or without a family name. These start at $65 for pine with no names.                           

We have made several different styles of step stools over the years. Stools for adults, children and even for pets. Depending on the strength needed (size of the person using them), almost all of these styles can be made from and type of wood you desire. Add a carved name, image or other wording for a unique gift. There are so many different options it's difficult to list a price for each option. a basic pine step stool with no carving start at $45.

Keeping busy around the shop is almost never a problem with all the carved logs and signs we make. But every now and then I have to try something different. Here's a few photos of odds and ends that Richard and I have made over the years.

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