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The majority of our board signs are carved in rough cut wood which has been grown and milled in Missouri. Our logs also come from local sawmills. It is very possible there will be knots, blemishes, missing bark and perhaps even a few cracks! For most people, this is what's desired... taking a rough piece of raw wood and creating a beautiful wall plaque or yard ornament.

Hand Carved Board Signs

We provide hand carving for many signs larger than 24" x 24". Since each one seems to be very unique, it is almost impossible to give a blanket price for all hand carved signs. Individual quotes are given upon customer request.

Here are just a few of our past sign creations and a brief description of each one.

There are just so many options when it comes to our carved signs that we simply cant list them all. You might even have something in mind that we haven't even thought of yet... Don't hesitate to suggest something.

If you're considering a custom carved sign, simply tell us which of the many signs below you'd like yours made similar to. Then tell us the wording you want on your sign and we can give you a quote on price. And don't hesitate to pick out more than one sign below if there's certain options from each one that you want incorporated into yours.

1" red cedar board with customer provided fonts and edges routered to look broken.

.75" pine. Autographed by Carl Edwards and donated for a charity auction.

1" red cedar with 3.5" & 2" recessed lettering. Board cut in shape of bone then bullnose routered.

.75" western cedar with 3.5" recessed lettering.

Red cedar with 3.5" recessed lettering. Edges carved to look broken.

1.5" red cedar slab with live edges and 3.5" recessed lettering.

.75" pine with 4" recessed block lettering.

3" red cedar slab eith live edge and 3.5" lettering.

1" red cedar with 1.5" 7 2" lettering. Edge routered to look broken.

.75" red cedar with 1.5" lettering.

1" red cedar with 4" block lettering.

.75" western cedar with 2" & 4" block lettering.

1.5" red cedar with 3.5" & 2" lettering. Routered edge to look broken.

1" red cedar with 2" lettering and animal tracks.

.75" western cedar with 2" block lettering.

1" red cedar with Fresno State Bulldog.

Hanging Signs: 1" red cedar with 1.5" & 2" lettering. Edge carved to look broken.

1" red cedar with 2" lettering and routered edge to look broken.